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COMING MAY 14, 2024!

Cecily Jane Allerton is living the dream.


Not her parents’ dream, of course. They want her married with kids before her ovaries shrivel up. But experience has taught Cecily that men aren’t worth the trouble. Instead, she’s off to pursue her real love: writing commercial fiction in Matthias University’s low-residency MFA program on Block Island.


PEN-Award-winning-author Nate Ellis is the poster child for impostor syndrome. His sophomore novel is late – very late – and he’s hoping that by accepting an adjunct teaching job at Matthias, he’ll find the juice he needs to finish his flailing work-in-progress. So what if the faculty either ignore him or hate him and the students are all righteous literary snobs?


Well, except one: Cecily Jane Allerton – that scrappy girl with the blue glasses who will stop at nothing to become a literary success.


Over a brush with death from some bad lobster, Nate and Cecily strike up an unlikely friendship – one which is compromised by dried-up professor Alice Deveraux, who seems to be on a witch hunt to get Nate fired.  When a drunken mistake between Cecily and Nate goes viral, Devereaux believes she’s got just the ammo she needs to get him off the payroll for good. Combing through University by-laws, the pair realizes that the only way for Nate to keep his job (and for Cecily to keep her sole friend in the cutthroat world of the MFA) will be for them to get married. But in order to make it believable, they'll have to trick everyone - even themselves - into believing they're madly in love.


Which should be a piece of cake… right?

Book no.1
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